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Who we are and how we got here.

FY Society is an environment which presents non-partisan  news – we also offers a variety of original content from our contributors, including bipartisan commentary, angry rants, travelogues, reviews, culture and technology pieces and so on.

Our goal is to inform, engage, entertain and create a space where people of goodwill, from across the political spectrum, can gather to explore a variety of perspectives while furthering their understanding of the very real world around them, the history and decisions that have created that world, as well as the history we are now writing which will shape life for future generations. 

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FY Society Store

Unlike FY Society, the FY Society Store contains largely partisan content in the form of shirt and poster designs. The store is brand new and content will be added regularly. Much of the content to come is less political in nature. The store is an essential part of keeping FY Society ad-free.

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