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We sift through the news so you don’t have to. You’re quite busy after all, and probably stoned..

A focused, curated news source that brings you only interesting and credible articles from reputable sources–virtually ensuring that you’ll sound smart af at that next kegger!

For Your Society has also just launched a new podcast called Whiskey & Immigrants, on this podcast our host Matt Hinds sits down and has a conversation with an everyday person who has immigrated to the United States. On the show we learn about their home countries, how and why they came here, what their life is like in US, their views on us, our country and our politics, and much more.

Coming soon will be a second podcast called Unite or Die – we will have more details on that soon.

We think presenting real, quality news can not only be very helpful for readers and publishers, but that it can also be sexy. I mean, look at this website! This is a news website!? Our eye-catching appearance has won us many props, and the quality and variety of the news we source has made For Your Society a “go-to” news source for millennials and busy people who want to stay informed without getting distracted.

You can also catch Matt on occasion on YouTube, with his One Minute Monologue, or for a live call-in show that focuses on issues and news of the day.

We try not to be too annoying with ads –I don’t see any pop-ups or desperate email list pleas, do you?– so we ask that you try to support us by telling your friends, following on social media (I guess), visiting our store, or making a donation. Thank you.

FY Society Store

The FY Society Store contains a bunch of original t-shirts, largely of a political nature. You can also find official swag here for Whiskey & Immigrants.

The store is an immensely important source of revenue for For Your Society, so if you see something you like, like this Money 2020 – Money for President t-shirt, you should pick it up!


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