California Republican Cole Harris Refused to Pay His Vendors, So They Publicly Shamed Him

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

Political campaign vendors have been screwed out of millions of dollars for decades by deadbeat former candidates. Now one group is trying a different tactic to recoup the money it is owed: hijacking the candidate’s own websites as part of an intense public shaming campaign.

Cole Harris was a self-funded candidate for California lieutenant governor before failing to make the cut for the state’s top two general election runoff contest. Despite his self-professed personal wealth, his campaign racked up seven figures in debt that he is now refusing to repay.

For months, the political firms that worked for Harris had tried to recoup the funds they were owed. But at the end of August, Harris’ legal team let it be known that the campaign wouldn’t be forking over an additional cent.

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