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Cohen Confides In Friends: ‘I Just Can’t Take This Anymore’

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President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen has reportedly confided in friends that he’s at his wit’s end with federal investigations into his business dealings, Vanity Fair reported Wednesday.

According to two people familiar with Cohen’s thinking who spoke to Vanity Fair, Cohen is “fuming” over Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti’s release of information about his bank records and has grown weary of all the news coverage of surrounding his attempts to sell access to Trump after the 2016 election. Cohen has reportedly confided in friends that he “just can’t take this anymore” and is focused on protecting his family, whom he thinks is suffering because federal investigators want to get to Trump, a friend told Vanity Fair.

Despite his exasperation over the probe, he spends hours every day with his lawyers reading through documents that the government has returned to him after the FBI raided his house, hotel and office last month and has told friends “I’m not going to roll over.”

Cohen has bombarded with headlines in recent weeks, ever since the FBI seized documents related to his business dealings and a $130,000 payment he made — and Trump reimbursed — to porn actress Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about an alleged affair she had with Trump a decade ago. The barrage continued after Avenatti released information related to payments Cohen received from companies like Novartis and AT&T in 2017. Most of the businesses confirmed they made deals with Cohen in order to gain access to Trump.

Read Vanity Fair’s full report here.


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