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FY Society combs through periodicals and publications for interesting articles, analysis, commentary or little stories that just don’t quite get along with the Newswire. This is also where you are most likely to find original content from FY Contributors.

We summarize these pieces for you so you can swifty deflect verbal  attacks from crazy homeless people (poor, poor Bill O’Reilly) and of course, sound smart as a whip at that next kegger.

We present stories that affect society as a whole, a stable and united future is the goal. We don’t propagate the nonsense–No celebrity DUI’s, no asses breaking the internet, no sports (sorry, breh), no catering to those who refuse to join the rest of us in reality..

FY Articles typically cover politics, civil rights, the economy, science and media. Also, apparently everyone in America is a bunch of stoners  now, so stuff about weed, too. Yeah, that’ll bring ’em in.

If sourced, every story summary links through to its original, cited source.


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Articles & Commentary

A Former President, A Person Of Faith

A good Christian: Former President Jimmy Carter says religion has been part of his routine since he was a child. He writes in his new book, “Faith: A Journey For All”

Midterm Results Depend on Women and Millennials

In a period in which reports of sexual abuse and sexual harassment by prominent men have led to the powerful #MeToo movement, the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against the president — as well as a $130,000 payment by his personal lawyer to a porn star with whom Trump was alleged to have had an affair — have helped widen the gap further between Trump and many female voters. Given the issues that have risen to prominence early in this election year — school safety and guns — along with the continuing focus on sexual misconduct in the workplace and elsewhere, women could be more motivated to turn out, especially women in suburban districts that will play a big role in deciding who controls the House in January.