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Crank up the siren. Scott Pruitt has an emergency.

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Turn on the flashing lights and crank up the siren: Scott Pruitt has an emergency.

President Trump’s embattled EPA administrator is an important man. He does not like to wait in traffic. So, according to CBS News, he let it be known that he wanted his security detail to use police lights and sirens when taking him to the airport, meetings and social events — even though such emergency equipment is for, well, emergencies.

Confronted Wednesday by a Senate committee, Pruitt said the siren-and-lights thing was a false alarm.

“There have been reports that you encouraged the use of lights and sirens on your motorcade even though there wasn’t an emergency,” said Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.).

“I don’t recall that happening,” Pruitt maintained.

Udall rephrased. “You personally requested that on a number of trips,” he charged.

“No,” Pruitt insisted. “I don’t recall that.”

It was then that Udall revealed a just-released February 2017 email from Pruitt’s head of security, Pasquale “Nino” Perrotta. Subject: “Lights and Sirens.” The body consisted of one line: “Btw — Administrator encourages the use.”

The email was sent to Pruitt’s security detail, including Eric Weese, who was reportedly demoted after he refused to drive with lights and siren, and John Martin, who was also removed from the detail after raising objections to Pruitt’s security procedures.

Throw that log on Pruitt’s five-alarm blaze of cartoonish corruption, as his explanations go up in smoke.

The $3 million, 24/7 security detail that accompanied him to Disneyland and the Rose Bowl? Pruitt suggested that came from a threat assessment, but the EPA’s inspector general reported this week that Pruitt requested the protection when he started the job.

His $43,000 soundproof phone booth? The Government Accountability Office said last month that it violated the law.

The EPA official who served as Pruitt’s personal real estate representative? Pruitt said she did that on her own time but he admitted Wednesday he didn’t pay her for it — possibly making it an illegal gift.

He is the subject of no fewer than 15 investigations by various federal entities. Actually, make that 16: Udall requested another Wednesday, into the EPA allegedly using taxpayer money for partisan social media.

The president, and many congressional Republicans, have stuck with Pruitt, presumably


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