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How to Contain the Threat of Russia, and Jack Handey on the Mysteries of Humor

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Senator Mark Warner is the vice-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is trying to explore the possibility of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign without causing a partisan blowup. Warner fears that, with Russia, we’re confronting twenty-first-century threats with twentieth-century tools. Simon Parkin reports on how military officers and diplomats use a board game to model the complexity of world events. A poet tells the stories of women who have survived the nightmare of the Islamic State. And, finally, the humorist Jack Handey asks the questions that have been baffling humorists since the beginning of time: What’s funny, and why?

Senator Mark Warner on the Threat of Russia

The vice-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee fears that, with Russia, we’re confronting twenty-first-century threats with twentieth-century tools.

Rolling the Dice in a Battle with Russia

War-gaming is an old and low-tech tool, but officers and diplomats still turn to it to model today’s most complex geopolitical situations.

Dunya Mikhail on the Lives Stolen by ISIS

An Iraqi-born journalist and poet of war tells the stories of women who were kidnapped by the Islamic State, enslaved, and then rescued.

Michael Cunningham Makes a Case for Humanity

The novelist Michael Cunningham finds the essential parts of the human experience on display during a quick stroll through Washington Square Park.

Jack Handey Ponders the Mysteries of Humor

Why is a man slipping on a banana peel funny, but not as funny as a man choking on a banana peel? Jack Handey considers this and other mysteries.


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