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Letter: A Democratic Backfire?

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To the Editor:

Re “Parties Should Meddle in Primaries” (Op-Ed, May 4):

Elaine Kamarck makes the bold assertion that my decision to release an audio recording of Representative Steny Hoyer admitting his long history of rigging Democratic primaries “seems to have backfired.”

In just one week, a video of my recording has received close to a million views on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. It has kick- started a healthy conversation in the pages of The Washington Post, The New York Times, Vox and dozens of other media outlets on the problematic role and terrible track record of the Democratic leadership intervening in primaries.

My campaign has gained more than a thousand new donors and the endorsement of Our Revolution Metro Denver, and we’ve given voice to dozens of insurgent Democrats being bullied and gaslit by Washington insiders.

As the former chief executive of a start-up focused on fuel-efficient internal combustion engines, I know a thing or two about the mechanics, physics and implications of a backfire. This wasn’t a backfire.


The writer is a Democratic candidate for Congress in Colorado’s Sixth District.


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