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Letter: Donors to Congressman: ‘Don’t Ever Call Me Again’

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To the Editor:

Watchdog Bureau’s Leader Mounts Charge Against Agency” (news article, April 25), about the admission by former Representative Mick Mulvaney, the interim director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, that he had a “hierarchy” in his congressional office where donors received the most attention, is simply another confirmation that our political and policy system is broken.

Last November, Representative Chris Collins, a New York Republican, admitted that his donors said “don’t ever call me again” if Congress didn’t pass tax reform. This is what happens when our elections are funded by a sliver of society — by those who can afford to get involved in the political process and who have an incentive to do so.

There are many common-sense campaign finance reforms pending in Congress. Our elected officials should finally pass one of them. It’s the only way we’ll restore a truly representative democracy that represents all of us — equally — not one that just represents campaign funders.

Ever since the Citizens United case was ruled in favor of corporations, money has flooded to politicians and has perverted the already convoluted democratic process.



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