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Letter: Restoring Faith in Humanity

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To the Editor:

I finished David Brooks’s May 1 column, “The Place That Assumes Beauty,” about a compound in Italy devoted to fostering and educating children, wiping away tears.

I had recently seen “Come From Away” and, in broad strokes, the column and the show address a common theme: how ordinary people, leading conventional lives, step up to the plate and open their hearts and homes to strangers, having no way of knowing what the outcome will be.

In the world we inhabit, where too much of the time the prevailing ethos seems to be “What’s in it for me?,” it was touching to read about and watch people who, as Mr. Brooks writes, are “willing to transform their lives” to address the problems around them.

Thank you, Mr. Brooks, and all involved with “Come From Away” for restoring my faith in the innate goodness of humanity.



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