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Letter: The T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

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To the Editor:

Re “Another Telecom Mega-Merger” (editorial, May 1):

Mergers are often met with skepticism. When we made our mission “changing wireless for good,” we heard similar skepticism.

The combination of T-Mobile and Sprint will allow New T-Mobile to build the world’s most advanced 5G network, and create enormous capacity that will translate to lower prices and better competition. We’ll back up this promise the same way we did with our mission: with facts and ultimately with action.

How do I know we will have the first broad, deep, nationwide 5G network? A commitment to invest $40 billion in three years and a combination of unused “shovel ready” spectrum.

How can we deliver lower prices? Simple economics. We will have the highest capacity mobile network in the United States, equaling a near 30-fold increase in supply. Our economic self-interest will be to put that excess capacity to work, reducing industry pricing, and growing our business by taking share from the bigger players.

Everyone will benefit from this increased competition, but especially rural communities. They often have just one high-speed broadband option. With the New T-Mobile network, we will create robust competition and grow share with a competitive wireless broadband alternative.


The writer is chief executive of T-Mobile U.S.


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