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How Cosby’s ‘Pound Cake Speech’ Helped Lead to His Downfall

The Atlantic

Internal Memo Shows Sinclair Threatening Employees to Keep Mouths Shut About ‘Must-Read’ Scripts

Common Dreams

YouTube shooter thought company was “ruining her life,” kin say


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FY Society combs the news for stories that matter, and then we summarize them very briefly without all the clitter-clatter and clickbait batter, because we know you’re busy.. and maybe even a little lazy, too.

Save yourself a whole lot of searching and Huffpost side-boob presented alongside bombing victims in Syria. Save yourself from the Drudge and Breitbart hysteria.

We present stories that affect society as a whole, a stable and united future is the goal. We don’t propagate the nonsense–No celebrity DUI’s, no asses breaking the internet, no sports (sorry, breh), no catering to those who refuse to join the rest of us in reality..

FY Newswire stories typically cover politics, civil rights, the economy, science and media. Also, apparently everyone in America is a bunch of stoners  now, so news about weed, too. Yeah, that’ll bring ’em in.

Want to read beyond the summary? No worries, nerd. Every story links through to it’s original, cited source.


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News & Politics

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The announcement is the latest sign of the lender’s curtailed ambition, and comes about a month after it said it would shrink its operations in

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President Trump is considering ordering a sweeping trade investigation into whether imported autos pose a threat to national security, a determination that could usher in