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Rihanna Does Not Give a Damn About the Royal Wedding

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Photo: Tim P. Whitby (Getty Images)

The best way to get yourself checked by a real-life icon is to make assumptions, and that’s exactly what happened to an Access Hollywood reporter when she assumed the following two things:

1. That Rihanna had received an invite to the royal wedding just because she met Prince Harry thatonetime.

2. That Rihanna, who has her hands full with a beauty brand, a lingerie line, a happy relationship, and—you know—being Rihanna, has any fucks to give about the royal wedding at all.

This dazzling display of no-fucks-given was the highlight of a quick exchange Access Hollywood posted last week of the pop star/beauty mogul and one of its reporters.

“The royal wedding is coming up. I know you met Harry in 2016,” the reporter began.


“So, is that really coming up, like soon or something?” Rihanna said, cutting the reporter off. (Sidenote: This should have been the first indication to abort the question.)

“It’s in a week,” said the reporter.

“Oh shoot! See, I need to stay on the internet more,” said Rihanna, who will definitely not be staying on the internet more.


“So, you weren’t invited? I was hoping that we would see Rihanna—” the reporter chirped.

“Why would you think I’m invited?” Rihanna asked, her voice dropping to indicate that what she really meant was, “Bitch, whet?”

“I don’t know, you met him!” said the reporter, referring to Prince Harry.

“OK. You met me, you think you’re coming to my wedding?” Rihanna said, before bursting into laughter.


You’ve got to hand it to the reporter, who hit Rihanna with a hopeful “Maybe!” before offering an invitation to her own wedding.

The royal wedding—steeped in a touch of drama this year because Meghan Markle’s white side of the family has insisted on being messy—kicks off this Saturday. We can muster a bet who won’t be tuning in.


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