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Tim Karr on Net Neutrality Fight, Mark Trahant on Indian Country Today

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This week on CounterSpin: As we record the show on May 10, the FCC has posted notice that net neutrality rules—the ones that keep service providers from favoring websites that give them money, and slowing down or “throttling” your access to websites that don’t pony up—will disappear on June 11. This should come as a surprise to all of the media outlets that told you that net neutrality already died on April 23. So: What, exactly, is going on? And, since abandoning the fight for an open internet is not an option, what do we do now? We talk net neutrality with Tim Karr, senior director of strategy and communications at the group Free Press.

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Also on the show: In Columbia Journalism Review last September, journalist Mary Annette Pember wrote about the value of reporting that represents Native Americans as “whole people,” with all their “frailties and glories,” far beyond the “3D paradigm”—a reference to the quip from Wilda Wahpepah, former metro editor at the Oregonian, that when Indians appear in the newspaper, they’re usually “dead, drunk or dancing.” Pember was writing, as it happens, about what looked like the end of Indian Country Today, a major source of news on and for Native communities. But Indian Country Today is back, launching under the auspices of the National Congress of American Indians. We hear from its editor, veteran journalist and journalism professor Mark Trahant.

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