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Two Photos Paint One Clear Picture

Two Photos Paint One Clear Picture


I saw something today that struck me, and I wanted to talk about it a little bit. I know everyone’s tired of political shit, but I’d like to gauge how you feel.
The first picture is Obama in a classroom after Sandy Hook preparing his speech on December 12th, 2012. Yes, it’s been five years.
The second is a photo of a party at Mar-a-Lago, which Trump attended after spending about (as far as I can gather) 14 minutes with the victims and parents of victims in the Parkland shooting. I don’t see him in the photo, but from what I can gather after a pretty lengthy search this is legitimate.
I wonder what people really think Obama is like, and why there are so many people that are opposed to his presidency. Sure you can say it’s racism. That’s a cop-out, though. There are people who are racist sure, definitely. There are people on the left who want to be called “worm-self”, so extremes are not who I’m interested in anymore. No, there are educated people who didn’t like the way he did things, and I want to know their reason.
Did I love him? No. He’s a politician. You can’t love a politician. And he did some sketchy shit, just like the rest of them. But was he a good president? Yes. The answer is undeniably yes. We recovered so greatly from everything Bush Jr set up and executed and ignored that fell apart, and here we are. Decent economy. Jobs are good. Deficits a little high, middle class is still having a hard time, but life is (was) getting better. And I think it’s important that we had a leader that acted like a leader. Whether or not you like him, whether or not you supported him you can’t deny the man acted presidentially. And it’s funny because I wasn’t his biggest fan in office, but once his term started wrapping up I started seeing these glimpses of a man who was loosening his tie and was ready to leave, and he started kinda showing who he really was. And that’s when I was impressed. Before I thought he was a smooth talker, then I realized he was actually a decent man. I think anyway. Some might feel different. That’s fine.
He seems like a decent man, with too much on his plate, doing the best that he can.
Trump, whom which I’ve been an active opponent of since his…life began.. is not the caliber person I would like to see running this country. I see cowardice, greed, stupidity, entitlement and sociopathy. I am completely okay with having a Republican President. We need to sway things a little further right from time to time (you know…like right fuckin now) but is he the answer?
A man who on his Inauguration Day looked like he just bought a big dog he didn’t know what to do with. When the hurricane came he didn’t even know what countries (his own) were affected and is on record asking if his Mar-a-Lago was okay before he asked about anything else. The same guy who wants to throw a military parade for absolutely no reason other than dictatorial egomaniacal masturbation that will end up costing the public anywhere from 10-30 million dollars, and is actively having a twitter battle with arguably one of the last cold-war mindset dictators that could potentially result in nuclear war.
You see. The difference (to me) is so evident. I see comparisons all the time and I think the difference is obvious.
One man takes his job so very seriously because he realizes it is of the absolute utmost importance. He realizes when there is a shooting at an elementary school that elementary school children were killed. Whether or not he did something, whether or not he made any changes is an important discussion but not one I want to have right now. One who was bound by his duties as president and his opposition coupled with his own self-interest (he’s a politician. You can’t escape it)
The other (I personally feel) heard that and his initial reaction was inconvenience, “Now I have to fly to where? And talk to who? Fuck.” –who is strictly governed by his own self-interest. He loves the idea that he can get one over on the entire country. He loves the idea that he duped us with taxes, with his presidency, etc etc. hence the reason why he looked like a man who bit off more than he could chew meeting Obama. He looked horrified. Because he is not meant to be president, he just happened to prey on everyone’s own insecurities and fears and realizes how powerful a weapon that is.
When people say Obama ruined this country…that’s just not valid. From an objective standpoint, he did an excellent job at recovering from Bush. That’s undeniable just by the numbers alone (which is what informs my opinions of the man).
When people say Trump is ruining the country is because his moves are so hamfisted and ridiculous that you can’t help but notice how flawed they are. The tax reform. The moves to destroy the ACA. The hollow response to Puerto Rico’s destruction. His speeches are embarrassing at best and gut-wrenchingly pathetic at second best.
Let me put it this way.
When someone’s biggest scandal was wearing a tan suit, that’s when you know you had a decent President. Regardless of the mildly sketchy shit because you’re gonna get that anyway. His biggest problem was inaction with directly obvious things. But affecting the inner workings of America he did a pretty damn good job.
When someone has actively insulted handicapped people (seriously), women, been openly racist (I love Latin Americans!), doesn’t know his own land, doesn’t know when to stop tweeting, doesn’t know when to not provoke a foreign leader, embarrasses other foreign leaders with handshakes at the UN, who is under federal indictment for rigging the elections with one of our longest standing political enemies….etc etc etc (I could seriously go on for a minute. A fat minute.) half of these things are inexcusable. All of them are horrible. See what I’m saying?
One man sits in absolute despair writing his speeches to the victims of, to me, one of the most horrific shootings we’ve ever had.
The other gets bored and leaves to go mingle with the elite. Even at the time of a shooting, he would rather serve the rich.
So, I think that’s an important distinction to make when talking about the merits of these two men.

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