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Whiskey & Immigrants is our new podcast which introduces listeners to regular, everyday people who have immigrated to the U.S. from elsewhere.

We’ll learn about their country of origin, how and why they came to here, find out how their expectations of the U.S. square with the reality they’ve encountered, politics, food, history and and so much more.

Join us.

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  • S01E01 – Mexico – Santiago Sanchez
  • S01E02 – Slovenia – Gregor Strakl

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Whiskey & Immigrants is our new podcast which introduces listeners to regular, everyday immigrants. We hear their stories, how and why they came to America, their expectations vs. reality and much more. We hope you’ll join us.

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China, Mueller, Royal Wedding: Your Thursday Evening Briefing

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Good evening. Here’s the latest.

1. China is looking to make a deal with the U.S.

Chinese economic officials are meeting with their American counterparts this week. And they’re preparing to offer a quick fix to the trade deficit: a promise to buy as much as $200 billion worth of American goods. Above, a port in Shandong Province.

That would allow President Trump to claim a major victory in his campaign to rebalance America’s trade relationship with its biggest economic rival. But economists say the offer is simply not practical. The U.S. economy is already near its full productive capacity and probably couldn’t produce enough to meet that kind of demand.


2. Some tidbits involving the Trump administration:

It’s been exactly one year since Robert Mueller was appointed as the special counsel for the Russia inquiry. President Trump noted the anniversary with a series of Twitter posts reminding his 52 million followers of his belief that the investigation is a witch hunt.

4. Officials at the University of Southern California have received 85 complaints about a former gynecologist at the student health center.

That doctor, George Tyndall, continued to see patients despite repeated allegations of misconduct, including that he appeared to target students from China. The university suspended Dr. Tyndall in 2016 and forced him to step down a year later, but did not report the accusations to the California Medical Board.

In response to the revelations, the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles issued a stern warning to the university and called for an immediate investigation. More than half of the university’s 11,000 international students are Chinese.


5. Watch your manners at the airport, or you could end up on the T.S.A.’s new watch list.

The agency has created a secret roster of people who they say could pose a threat — because they were unruly during security screenings. We got a copy of the five-page directive, which does not specify how members of the public can appeal if they are added to the list.

A T.S.A. official told us the list has fewer than 50 names — but two other officials said the number could be far higher. Above, O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.


6. The latest stop on the Florida campaign trail? Puerto Rico.

There were more than a million Puerto Ricans in Florida before Hurricane Maria, and tens of thousands moved there after the storm. Their arrival has not gone unnoticed



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