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More Chinese Proverbs by Ivanka Trump

In a tweet posted on the eve of the summit, the president’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump quoted what she called a Chinese proverb: “Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it.” The problem: The Chinese proverb may not be Chinese at all. While some have traced it to the early 20th century, others say it was simply made up.—The Atlantic.

Family is more important than all else—neighbors, good friends, democracy, less good friends.

One shall endorse feminism when it is good for woman, and that woman is me.

Many wise men say that fiction can be more real than fact, so do away with facts.

Those who are rich deserve it. Those who are poor deserve it. In this way, we are all equal.

How can one know where the country of Uzbekistan is, if one cannot risk having that question in one’s search history?

When making clothes, make them in China. Then pretend they are American.

Open eyes to see one’s beautiful children, then close eyes as other children are torn from their families.

For those who are women, remember the value of sisterhood, unless one’s sister is Tiffany. Then forget it.

One is very serious about wondering where Uzbekistan is, and one would sincerely appreciate an answer.

Always look beautiful, for one never knows if one may be seen by one’s father that day.

If one wishes to sound wise, but that is not in one’s wheelhouse, fabricate something and pretend that it is a Chinese proverb.


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