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You Know You’re 40 When…

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I’m a man a few months shy of 65. The term “monsieur” notwithstanding, we go through our own set of stages. In your 40s your children start being able to do sports better than you. They stop thinking your jokes are always funny. One day, you wake up with some part of you that feels a bit sore, and it never goes away. Young waitresses start talking to you like they’re explaining Tinder to their grandparents. You realize that there is nothing in stores like J. Crew that fit you. In your 50s and 60s you’re finding yourself at work reporting to people younger than you. You literally have to stop yourself a couple times a week from saying, “That’s not how we used to do it.” In your 60s watching TV becomes an adventure because you can’t figure out what streaming service your show is on. But there’s some good stuff: 1. I sincerely don’t want to go back to my youth. I realize my lot in life is very good, and there was a lot of luck and dodged bullets along the way. I have no interest in rolling that roulette wheel again. 2. I don’t care about other people’s opinions. 3. I can afford to do what I want, within reason. 4. Everywhere I look, there are charming lovely women of all ages. It’s no longer a narrow range of women a few years plus and minus my own. 5. I’m not nervous around my boss. There is nothing he can do to me. — nub

The silver linings

The funny thing to me, as a woman who loves being in my 40s, is that although we are told that young women are more valued by society, this is actually not true. Young women are treated as things by people who want an attractive decoration. Young women are endlessly harassed on the street. Young women are dismissed and devalued on a regular basis. Being an older woman is amazing. I can’t wait for my hair to get even grayer, for people to stop seeing me as that object, to be a person, or at least be invisible to the random people who only see young women as things to obtain. — rockstarkate

I’m in my 50s and I realized I was an adult, and wanted to be an adult, while shopping for clothes. So many ads portray women as the


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